Elho Loft Urban Round


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  • DURABLE | The pot is built for extensive and long-term use. The colour doesn’t fade in the sun, the pot is frost resistant and it can handle a bit of dirt and rough handling. That is our promise; which is why you get a 2-year warranty.
  • MIX & MATCH | This pot is available in various colours and sizes that go together very nicely. This way, you can find the perfect pot for any outside space and every plant.
  • INCLUDING WATER RESERVOIR | Don’t worry about big rainstorms. The convenient water reservoir collects the excess water until it is time to give a little back to your plant again.
  • RECYCLED PLASTIC | The pot is made with recycled plastic, produced using wind energy generated in the Netherlands and is 100% recyclable.
  • REMEMBER THE DISH | For the best care for your plant, a dish is very important. A dish ensures that the excess water gets drained away. Plant happy and floor area happy, because that will be spared from nasty ring marks.


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